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Do You Have to Have Mortgage Insurance?

When you first set out to buy a home, it can feel like you’re taking an exam you forgot to study for. You have to make quick decisions that can have ramifications on your finances for years and years to come, and while you'll probably get no shortage of advice from friends and family, it can be a headache to make...


30-Year Mortgage: Everything You Need to Know

Modular homes, also known as prefabricated homes, have come a long way in recent years. As technology continues to advance, the designs, materials, and ‘craftsmanship’ of modular homes has continued to evolve and progress. Modular homes can be a good option for someone who wants to get a brand new home, but stay on a...


Modular Homes: What Are They & Should You Buy One?

Interested in buying a new construction home? Good for you! The ability to influence the final outcome of the home is a goal many people hope to achieve. If you plan on obtaining a mortgage for this property, it’s important to note new construction loans are available, and they are not the same as a regular mortgage...


New Home Construction Loans For Your Dream House

If you’re preparing to buy a home, you have likely already read up on what kind of documentation is needed to qualify for a home loan. In the process of doing so, you’ve probably noticed that a credit score is one of the biggest factors that lenders use to determine what you can afford.


No Hassle Lending: Can You Buy a House With No Credit?

When looking to buy or refinance a house, the pre-qualified vs pre-approved mortgage debate can be confusing. Pre-qualification is usually performed by an independent mortgage lender, and it allows you to make offers on homes, though it might not guarantee that the lender will accept your offer.


Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved Mortgage: Understanding the Difference

If you are falling behind on your monthly mortgage payments or are concerned that you may not be able to make them in the near future, consider a mortgage payoff plan. Putting a mortgage payoff plan in place as soon as possible can help you steer clear of damage to your finances, but it’s important to start the...


Mortgage Payoff Guide | Understanding Mortgage Repayment

When it comes to property ownership, there are several ways that people can hold titles. Tenancy in common (TIC) is one of these types of ownership.


Tenancy In Common: Understanding TIC And How It Works

People buy their homes for a number of reasons. Affordability, stability, and comfort are some of the most important factors. However, appreciation must also be considered when you’re thinking about buying or selling a home.


Understanding Home Appreciation: Home Appreciation Calculator

Many people choose to purchase an existing home to live in, but maybe your dream is slightly different. Perhaps your perfect living situation is a house you build on your own parcel of land. If this is your end goal or if you’re considering buying land as a real estate investment, you need to understand how land loans...


Understanding Land Loans: Complete Land Loan Guide

Loan originators are the people who help you find a loan that suits your financial needs. They work for banks, mortgage companies, and other lenders. Their job is to find the best products for you and help you with all of the paperwork associated with the loan.