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what is a va loan

What Is A VA Loan? Here Is What America’s Veterans Should Know

If you’re an active service member, a veteran, or the surviving spouse of a veteran, and you want to purchase a home or refinance your current home loan you should consider a VA Loan

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What is a VA loan?

We’re glad you asked. Simply put, a VA loan is a type of...

buying a house during coronavirus

Buying a House During COVID-19: A Pandemic’s Impact On Mortgages

There’s no doubt, COVID-19 changed the world in countless ways and took us all by surprise. From an economic standpoint, countless industries were shaken and disrupted. The United States experienced one of the worst economic hardships the country has ever seen

What exactly did COVID-19 do to the homebuying process and...

what is the difference between interest rate and apr

What Is the Difference Between Interest Rate & APR?

Whenever you are borrowing money, whether it’s for a new mortgage, a refinance, credit card, or car loan, you’ll hear the terms interest rate and APR discussed quite a bit. Both of these terms are expenses, and it’s important to understand what each expense means and what they are made up of. What is the difference...

first time home buyer

Mortgages for the First-time Home Buyer: Ultimate Loan Guide

If you’re new to buying a home, you probably have quickly realized the overwhelming amount of options there are for your mortgage. To help you get your bearings as a first-time home buyer, we’ve covered the different types of mortgage programs and financing available, as well as some lesser-known tips and grants for...

closing on a house

How to Close on Your New House, Quickly

If you’ve already gone through the lengthy process of writing offers, securing financing, and arranging inspections for your potential property, you’re probably ready to be done with the entire process. The average closing time for a house is 60 days after signing a purchase contract. However, it’s possible to speed...

best mortgage lender

How to Choose the Best Mortgage Lender

One of the most important steps to buying a home is deciding on a mortgage loan and deciding on a loan involves settling on a good mortgage lender. Because a mortgage loan will probably be part of your finances for years to come, it’s crucial to find a quality lender who not only offers you a good rate but helps you...

unexpected expenses

8 Hidden Costs: Home Buyers' Guide to Unexpected Expenses

First time home buyers are often surprised when they learn about all of the expenses that are associated with purchasing and owning a home. After all, the purchase price and the down payment alone are just the tip of the iceberg.

how to buy a house

How to Buy A House: A Beginner’s Guide

Purchasing real estate is not as simple as finding the right home, submitting an offer, and signing the closing paperwork; many more steps are involved. The home buying process can sometimes be lengthy, and there may be various obstacles one needs to navigate along the way. If you’re interested in hearing all the...