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Ultimate Homeowners Insurance 2022 Guide: Mortgages 101

If you have gone through the pre-approval process but need to take a deeper dive into how much house to buy, follow our guide to find out what makes the most financial sense for you.

Feeling lost? That's why we wrote a whole blog to explain the homebuying process in detail. Read it here!


How Much House Can I Afford? Pre-Approval vs. Your Finances

The vast majority of mortgage loans require you to put down a certain percentage of the selling price upfront. However, not everyone can afford to put down that much cash at once. Thankfully, there are many options for home loans that don’t require a down payment.


Zero-Down: Is It Bad to Put No Payment Down on a Mortgage?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve purchased a home before, you’ve likely heard of a homeowner’s association. In fact, an in-depth study has shown that 58% of all homeowners live in HOA communities.


What Is HOA?: First Time Home Buyers Guide to HOA

There’s a lot of expenses to keep in mind when you’re thinking about buying a home. Between the price of the home, property taxes, your mortgage payments, insurance, and any additional commute expense, your brain may feel like a calculator! One of the largest expenses when purchasing a home is one that isn’t always...

what is a down payment

What Is a Down Payment?

Conventional loans are mortgages offered by private lenders, banks, and institutions that are not backed by the government. Unlike FHA, USDA, or VA loans, which are government programs, conventional loans usually require a larger down payment and better credit scores to qualify.

Take a look at our mortgage guide for...

what is a conventional loan

What Is a Conventional Loan?

Some homebuyers refuse to purchase a property if it is part of a property owner association. On the other hand, many other homebuyers intentionally seek out properties that are part of a POA because they find that there are many benefits associated with a property owner association.

If you're asking yourself what kind...

property owners association

Property Owner’s Association: POA vs HOA vs COA, the Same, Different?

Research indicates that 58% of homeowners in HOA communities and single-family homes pay an average monthly fee of $250. Despite this substantial number, homeowners lack adequate information about HOA fees and why they have to pay for them in the first place.

hoa fees

Understanding HOA Fees | Homeowner’s 2022 Ultimate Guide

Private mortgage insurance is something millions of homeowners pay for each year. However, this type of insurance does not protect the homeowner.

mortgage insurance

Do You Have to Have Mortgage Insurance?

When you first set out to buy a home, it can feel like you’re taking an exam you forgot to study for. You have to make quick decisions that can have ramifications on your finances for years and years to come, and while you'll probably get no shortage of advice from friends and family, it can be a headache to make...

30 year mortgage

30-Year Mortgage: Everything You Need to Know

When looking to refinance or buy a house, the pre-qualified vs pre-approved mortgage debate can be confusing. Pre-qualification is usually performed by an independent mortgage lender, and it allows you to make offers on homes, though it might not guarantee that the lender will accept your offer.