Owning a House

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Do You Have to Have Mortgage Insurance?

Some homebuyers refuse to purchase a property if it is part of a property owner association. On the other hand, many other homebuyers intentionally seek out properties that are part of a POA because they find that there are many benefits associated with a property owner association.


Property Owner’s Association: COA, HOA, POA, What's the difference?

A mortgage is often the largest monthly expense that people pay. The thought of reducing the amount of money you owe each month comes to mind for just about every homeowner at one point or another.


Recast Mortgage: Everything You Need to Know About Mortgage Recasting

If you are falling behind on your monthly mortgage payments or are concerned that you may not be able to make them in the near future, consider a mortgage payoff plan. Putting a mortgage payoff plan in place as soon as possible can help you steer clear of damage to your finances, but it’s important to start the...


Mortgage Payoff Guide | Understanding Mortgage Repayment

There are a few main reasons why people consider refinancing their mortgages. You need to consider what your main goal is with refinancing. If there is a lower interest rate than you currently have on your mortgage, if you wish to lower your mortgage payment, or wish to pull cash out — refinancing may be a good option.


Should I Refinance?

When it comes to property ownership, there are several ways that people can hold titles. Tenancy in common (TIC) is one of these types of ownership.


Tenancy In Common: Understanding TIC And How It Works

Research indicates that 58% of homeowners in HOA communities and single-family homes pay an average monthly fee of $250. Despite this substantial number, homeowners lack adequate information about HOA fees and why they have to pay for them in the first place.


Understanding HOA Fees | Homeowner’s 2022 Guide

People buy their homes for a number of reasons. Affordability, stability, and comfort are some of the most important factors. However, appreciation must also be considered when you’re thinking about buying or selling a home.


Understanding Home Appreciation: Home Appreciation Calculator

A home appraiser plays a big part in the majority of homeowners looking to refinance their homes.


What A Home Appraiser Looks for When Refinancing

A home doesn’t just fall into foreclosure status. There are stages and processes that take place behind the scenes before a home is sold via foreclosure. One of those steps is known as a pre-foreclosure.


Pre-Foreclosure? What Does It Mean & What To Do

Realizing you might not be able to pay your upcoming mortgage payments can be stressful. Whether your source of income has changed or your life circumstances have made it difficult to stay on top of your mortgage, the prospect of losing your home is not only frustrating but devastating.