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Loan-to-Value: 80%
Loan-to-Value: 80%
Santa Clara, CA

You've Just Taken the First Step Towards Finding – And Financing – Your New Home

Here Is How It Works In 8 Easy Steps!


You've Just Taken the First Step Towards Finding – And Financing – Your New Home


by getting pre-approved

  • You'll have a head start when you're ready to make an offer – and a leg up on the competition if there are multiple offers.
  • Your Pre-Approval letter will be waiting for you in your Portal where you and your Realtor have access to it 24/7 when ready to write the offer on your perfect home.
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And, With a Free 90-Day Rate Lock From ZeroMortgage,

  • You can forget about fluctuating rates and focus on finding your dream home. Your rate will never go up and locking won't cost you a cent. Unlike with other lenders, who charge a pretty penny for the privilege!

Find & Sign

  • Next, comes the fun part - you've got 45 days to find your new home and keep your 90 day lock in tact! With your eyes on the prize and a pre-approval in hand, you'll be in a great position to sign a purchase agreement before your lock expires. You're halfway home!

Your "to do" list is halfway "to done"

  • At this point, all that’s left is an appraisal, inspection and submitting the supporting documents required for closing. But, thanks to your 90-day rate lock, you now have plenty of time to get your ducks (and your docs) in a row.
  • We've done the legwork and compiled a list of what you'll need to provide to get your loan closed quickly. Don't delay and start uploading today to keep the momentum alive.
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Upfront Fees

  • Feel free to skip this step. Unlike other lenders, ZeroMortgage doesn't charge any!

Closing fees

  • We know most home buyers would prefer to have zero surprises at closing. That’s why ZeroMortgage provides you, in advance, with a loan estimate of all third-party fees. But we’re happy to tell you now the exact amount of closing and lender fees* you'll be charged by ZeroMortgage. Zero. (How do you think we came up with our name?😁)

Welcome Home!

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